Our Quality - Environment – HSE Policies

In each of our projects that we carried out until today as Ege Group, we adopted highest quality standard as an objective within the frame of conditions. We aimed to attain a standard quality within the company and to provide realization of the projects correctly and under demanded conditions.

In this direction;

  • We are realizing the results that were received in this period via applications to keep efficiency of our employees under company standards and to protect these standards by organizing corporate training programs.
  • We provide corporate development and dynamism by determining production, management and quality standards of our company and projects and incorporating these standards with corporate structure..
  • We make organization and inspections by being included in quality control activities with highest level participation.
  • We adopt increasing quality of our work, perpetuating needs and expectations of our customers, producing projects adding value to the environment and society, applying quality control periods under today’s necessary standards and delivering the work at the time that we promised as our main principles by closely following technological and sectoral developments and taking into consideration needs and expectations of our customers that we consider as a part of our family.
  • We pay attention uncompromisingly to comply with all legal conditions that are related to OHS (Occupational health and Safety) and to follow their compliance.
  • We take necessary precautions in our central office and work-sites to minimize occupational accidents and diseases.
  • We support natural resource usage by being aware of damages of environmental pollution to our world. We pay attention to produce projects that are sensitive to the environment, whose energy efficiency is at high level and that are advanced technology product.


* Ege Grup Yapı Endüstrisi A.Ş. has Quality Management System of ISO 9001.