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Beginning Date : 2007 - Ending Date : 2008

1st Phase consists of 2 blocks of 8 floors with 78 apartments.

With the sizes changing between 140 m² and 340 m²,

Apartments, which were designed as 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1 and 6+1 duplexes, were considered in a way to meet different requirements.

You will feel effects of voice and heat insulation while living peaceful environment closing in around you while you close door of your house.

In Ege Botanik Residences, which were designed by considering all the problems with which you may encounter, gas and smoke detectors are offered for usage of each landlord as a standard in addition general places such as inter-island roads, landscape areas and parking lots and uninterrupted electricity that is provided via generators covering all the apartments, hot water that is provided via hygienic water tank for 24 hours and calorimeter controlled heating services measuring the energy that you use.

Parking problem is removed with wide-open and parking garages that Ege Botanik Residences have. You can provide your transport easily via public transportation vehicles by using position advantages of the residences.

A brand-new life that is formed with marks of modern city architecture.

Ege Botanik Residences, which combined vivid colors of the nature with structure of the city, will gain identity of “living space” with you and people whom you love.

In 2nd etape, you will say hello to a brand-new life each morning in Ege Botanik Residences that were planned as 202 apartments and whose 1st etape consists of 78 apartments in different types that can meet all the requirements. In 2nd etape, Ege Botanik Residences, which are situated in the liveliest region of city life in Çankaya Center, change your perspective for the city… Ankara is changing with Ege Botanik Residences.

There is TV, telephone and internet connectivity in the rooms so that you can easily benefit from possibilities provided by communication.

Its wide window surfaces provide that you live in the scene. Materials that are used in interior spaces of the houses offer comfort and quality all together,  practical solutions that will facilitate your “house” life in Ege Botanik Residences were planned in detail.

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